51 James Street
Parry Sound, Ontario
P2A 1T6

Women’s Clothing, Swimwear, Esthetics, Tanning, SPANX, Bra’s from A-H, Dresses and a whole lot more!
Toni Walker
37 James St
Parry Sound, Ontario
P2A 1T6

Small town boutique shop where we do professional bra fittings, sell men’s and women’s underwear and lingerie as well as seamstress work including everything up to creating custom garments.

Bobby Jo Clelland
33 James St.
Suite 101
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 1T6

We offer New & Gently Used Children’s Clothing & Toys.
New & Gently Used Maternity Wear and Products. New & Gently Used Baby Equipment, Children’s Products. As well as Speciality Baby Products. We also offer a Equipment Rental service for Visitors & Tourists that runs Staring in May-Novemember.
Dana Rushton
63 James Street
Parry Sound, ON

At West Lake Cosmetics we offer a luxury collection of natural, handmade soaps, bath treats and skincare products all freshly made with divinely scented essential oils. Our products are made using natural ingredients carefully chosen for their skin-nourishing properties.
Vicki Lefebvre
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